Meditation and aggression are completely compatible. Think about it: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant meditate in the service of being as effectively aggressive as possible.

Jonathan Rosenfeld, Ph.D., is a Change Strategist who coaches CEOs and companies in mindful leadership, including where he lead Leadership and Change Strategy and StockX, where he is currently Vice President of Executive Development and Coaching. Jonathan is extremely passionate about building mindful workspaces that create environments for better work and more effective leadership (read this if you want to learn more about how he built a mindful workspace at Medium). …

It all starts with chemistry. And while it is essential to have chemistry with your executive coach, it is also highly overrated as a key indicator for a successful engagement. Of course, you need to click with your coach, and thus feel confident and comfortable in them — on this you should not compromise. Still, you need not find your coach the most charming person in the world.

Many people select a coach based on a good first impression. These same people, often retrospectively, question the value of coaching. Why would that be? It could be that they worked with…

Do Stuff. Show the world that you are action oriented, observant, and opportunistic in a smart, measured way.

Be a Show Off. No, your work does not speak for itself. And if it did it probably would be pretty inarticulate. We want to be inspired and learn from you. How can we appreciate what you’ve done and how you’ve done it, if we don’t know about it?

Be Kind. Don’t Do Stuff or Show Off at the expense of others.

Be Humble and Curious. We want to see that you are eager to learn from others and from life. …

Being Mindful and Effective Means Don’t Assume, Ask

Requests are almost always just the tip of the iceberg

This is a pretty simple perspective depending on how you look at requests in the first place. We can think of all behavior—going to a conference, moving one’s desk, leaving a work team—as problem solving activity. A request to take action means the person reporting to you has constructed a solution. To effectively manage, one needs to know the problem behind the solution. For example, Anna might want to move her desk because she has an unresolved conflict with Xiao. Exploring the problem can lead to radically different solutions. Maybe Anna needs help with interpersonal skills. Maybe Anna and Xiao…

Proximity, Compassion, and Generosity at Medium

On February 15th 2014 I gave a talk at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco. Below is a transcript of that talk, including some of the slides I used.


Mindfulness and its place in tech companies is a complicated subject. As my wife likes to say, there is no end to talking about mindfulness at Medium. My children would agree. Fortunately, there will be an end to this particular talk.

One of the reasons we’re never done talking about mindfulness is that it’s an evolving practice. …

Credit : David Pappas (flickr)

Fear, and loathing — hazing in HighSchool.

It was 9th grade and I played on the Junior Varsity Soccer Team, in the Central New York Cities League. The cities of central New York being few and far between, these were long bus rides. We travelled on bright yellow school buses with the Varsity. These buses were big enough to hold both the Varsity and the J.V. along with our coaches.

The Varsity sat in the front, and the second class citizens, the J.V., rode in the back. The coaches, both Varsity and J.V. sat in the very front. We were…

Write your post, and find out who would like to have a relationship with you

Medium recently introduced a new feature, notes. This is a place where readers can write directly and privately to the author of a post. The author can then chose to make the note public, or not.

Not being a product guy, designer, or engineer, it’s a given that there’s a lot about notes that I don’t understand. That said, I want to offer up some Psychology.

First, I’d like to suggest that here at Medium, not only are we trying to build a company mindfully, but that our product is also a vehicle for mindfulness. …

Leigh Taylor

Contemporary brain science is unequivocal. Individuals who feel connected to their work and connected to co-workers are the most productive, engaged, and inspired workers around.

Medium’s goal is simple and straight forward: Build a company where coming to work takes you into the flow. That space between activation and stress where you’re doing your best work and loving it. This is another way to think about what work/life balance is. The challenge of the whole idea of “work/life balance” is it implies that work and life are inherently in conflict. That’s not our point of view. …

One of my favorite and least favorite parts of life is getting humbled.

Many years ago, in my twenties, I got a job working at a mental health clinic that specialized in adolescents and their families. I was the youngest and least experienced person on the staff and not yet licensed. The scope of my job involved a limited number of office hours where I would work with families referred to me by the clinical director. That was great as far as it went, but I saw endless opportunities to do more to help kids and make the agency a…

Jonathan Rosenfeld

CEO Coach, Mindfulness, Change Strategy: Partner at the Trium Group

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